There Are a Few Cleaning Solutions for Your Pool

Your whole family can enjoy a swimming pool during the summer. You want to keep the water quality at a healthy level. A pump and filtration system are some essential items for a clean pool. An automatic pool cleaner helps you to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. You can find a model that will take the hassle out of your pool’s maintenance.

Different Types of Pool Vacuums

A pool vacuum operates differently from a filter or a pump. It helps you to clean the sides and the bottom of the pool. There are two different types of cleaners. A manual cleaner needs to be operated by hand. If you are looking for a more convenient option, an automatic pool cleaner will keep your water clean without any help.

Operation of a Pool Cleaner

A pool cleaner connects to your water pump and filtration system. It operates in the same way as a vacuum cleaner. When you use a pool cleaner, it can help to remove leaves, dirt, and bugs from the water. An automatic pool cleaner will keep your pool clean throughout the day.

The Different Styles of Pool Cleaners

There are a few different styles of pool cleaners. A suction cleaner is great to clean the bottom of the pool. Many models can be programmed to clean in certain patterns. Suction cleaners are used for in-ground pools. They are attached to the suction port. The pressure side cleaner is attached to a return line. The pool’s water pressure powers the cleaner around the surface of the pool. A robotic cleaner has its own filtration system. Many people use this as a second filtration system in the pool. These models can be programed to clean during certain parts of the day.

If you are looking for cleaning options for your pool, you can find a wide selection of automatic pool cleaners Pittsburgh. You can get your pool water healthy without putting in any extra effort.