The Natural Beauty of the Humble Cowhide

Beauty is an integral part of the natural world. People look around and see beauty surrounding them at every turn. From the glorious waves of the shore to the tranquil loveliness of the forest, nature knows beauty. One way to embrace beauty even further is to bring it inside the home. Beautiful rugs take their cues from the natural world. This is why rugs made from cowhide have been a popular choice. Homeowners who look around them and see that nature is all appealing to the senses appreciate rugs that are made with materials that directly use natural materials. They understand that beauty begins with flooring choices. Rugs that take inspiration from the natural world are rugs that bring the wonder of nature right the homeowner’s feet. Such is the case with the cowhide rug. The rug’s welcoming texture, use of warm texture and elegant understatement all serve to call to mind nature in each inch.

Extremely Durable

Another wonderful thing about nature is that nature offers all sorts of durable material. Items such as wood and glass last for a very long time and still look great. The same is true of rugs made from cowhide. Like other natural materials, cowhide rugs are highly durable. Place them in a room and they will continue to look great all year long. The tough cowhide can withstand many temperature ranges. Cowhide also lasts a long time. Unlike some other rugs made from less durable material, a cowhide rug will not unravel or store dirt inside the fiber. The dense materials form a great barrier that can help protect the floors underneath it from the elements. Rain, sun and other natural processes will not harm the rug or damage it in way. The rug will still continue to look wonderful no matter the weather indoors or out.

Many Uses

Just as nature has developed a vast array of wonderful natural materials, the same can be said about rugs made from cowhide. Cowhide rugs can be placed just about anywhere in the home and still look fantastic. A rug of this kind, for example, can be put in front of a stone fireplace and used to help bring out the wonderful natural range of shades color in the stones. The rug can also be paired well with many other types of flooring. Many homeowners love placing them on top of wood flooring. The brash colors of the wood and harder lines pair extremely well with the soft outline of cowhide rugs. The subtle colors harmonize well and remind the homeowner of the way many natural items pair well outside. For example, when used against a brick wall, the cowhide will help set off both the wall and the floor at the same time.

No Allergies

One of the best things about a walk in nature is the chance to escape the world and avoid things that might trigger an allergy. This is also true of cowhide rugs. Unlike some other rug materials that can make someone sneeze, the cowhide rug will not. These rugs are specially designed by nature and the maker to help provide people with a comfortable item for use in their home that will not cause problems. The delicate fibers of the rug have long been known to be hypoallergenic. This makes them a wonderful choice for someone who has a known allergy. Even those who have allergies to other kinds of materials can bring these rugs and use them in any room in their house. They can admire the beauty of the rug with worrying it make them ill.