The Life After the Storm

A home is a really big investment. It costs lots and money must be maintained to keep afloat. My wife Leah and I have beautiful home that we love. It is our love nest. We thought we were safe until a change in the weather happened. It was hurricane season. While my wife Leah and I were on vacation, a massive hurricane came through our area. It was terrible. The storm surge pushed a massive wall a water on shore and flooded a lot of homes. The storm damaged our plantation shutters and broke our windows. A tree missed our home by a couple of inches. When we returned, we were devastated by the damage.

Before the storm, Leah and I took a trip to Hawaii. We wanted to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had such as blast on the islands. We went surfing and saw the volcanoes. We would never forget it. I was so caught up with the vacation that I did not notice the weather back home. As we returned on our way home, we were ignorant to the despair that awaited us at our house.

We were so horrified at the sight of our damaged home. Leah was in tears I held her to stop her from crying. Luckily, I had storm insurance to cover the damage to our home. I assured Leah that everything was going to be okay and that we had nothing to worry about. The insurance company was happy to cover the damages to our home. The repairmen replaced all the damaged this to our home. The job was completed very quickly. We were able to move back to our home within a week. I was so happy to see my new home. The windows were replaced and as good as new. I was impressed.