President Truman’s Renovation

On a hill in a small city in Nova Scotia sits a modestly sized 3-bedroom farmhouse that was constructed over a hundred years ago. There’s an old red barn on the property and a large tree that stands tall next to the house. The whole scene appears like it was dreamed up by city-dwelling millennial, longing for a simpler life after watching an episode of House Hunters Renovation. When choosing paint finishes, you may want a unique finish in every room, depending on what the room shall be used for or exposed to. Matte finishes often are used for ceilings to make them seem to recede. People typically use semi- or high-gloss for trim for simple cleaning.

House Renovation

“With my landscape architect, I created a bunch of various areas to grasp out,” she said. “You can go sit by the fire pit and then by the pool, and there‚Äôs an entire …