Step-by-Step Install Or Install Wooden Floor

In short, to install wood flooring:

Prepare the tools and materials needed to install wooden parquet floor. Commonly used tools include:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Measuring meter, electric drill,
  • Jig saw
  • Iron hammer
  • Dust mask
  • Pull bar
  • Guillotine,
  • Screwdriver

Materials to be prepared tailored to the needs and size of the room to be installed.

Calculate carefully the parquet needs, if necessary consult with us some ideal purposes to install the floor with these sizes. For more information just Click here

A few days before the parquet is installed, the floor should be prepared in a smooth and smooth condition first. You can flatten it with cement batter, and smooth it with aci, or it can be mounted on a floor that has been installed in ceramics.

Flatten dough can use yarn as a benchmark and weigh it first with a water hose so it has a flat height. Use a long wooden rod to help smooth the floor plaster, then rub with a wooden polisher until smooth and smooth.

If the stucco floor has been dry for several days, install a wide plastic, spread evenly throughout the floor surface to be installed parquet. Leave as high as 12 cm from the floor used to install Lis parquet.

Then attach the foam (layer of foam type) on it as the last layer under the wooden parquet. This layer is quite flattened on the floor.

If you have all set, open one by one wooden parcel box, check all parquet parts, especially the corner, there may be broken.

Attach the corner of the room first, then forwarded to the right and left side. If you used to play puzzles, then the parquet flooring is almost the same as playing a puzzle. This parquet is interlocking.

The mounting pattern may use a brickwork pattern or other type of mounting.

At the edges, then measure and cut using a jig saw. When you have finished installing the floor, continue by installing the trim on the edge of the wall.

The final stage in installing wooden parquet for floors is a fireplace and a locking edge that borders other spaces. You can use trims made of plastic or similar aluminum.