Maintain and Regulate Office cleanliness

In general, employees in addition to arranging the work of day-to-day are also burdened to organize all equipment, means of work, in order to work smoothly. Office employees should feel responsible for office cleanliness, tidiness, fluency, efficiency of office work without assessing any level of employee.

They have to keep the equipment they are responsible for, such as typewriters, calculators, telepuns, pendekte machines, desks, chairs, cabinets, filling cabinets and others are well maintained and always in top condition. Avoided so employees do not assume that belongs to the office is the property of the office, so all employees have a sense of ownership.

A good office is an office that is always clean, neat, quiet. Besides several factors that need to be considered, including:

1. Office cleanliness
The office should also be a representative building, it needs to be magnificent from the outside in order to impress people that the office is really great. Also the shape of the office and the color should be in accordance with the natural surroundings. Most of the offices were glaring or ugly because they were never treated, dirty, and dingy.

Such an office is not a representative office. If the representative office will attract the crowd to come to him, for example, the Bank’s office is good, clean, definitely attracts its customers. For office cleaning required office cleaning services

2. Office environment
What is meant by the office environment here is the location of the office must be in accordance with the environment For example the office is located next to the cinema, obviously mempongaruhi once natural environment, that’s why now, the government makes regulations for the office is located not close to the settlement. The yard to keep in mind, a neat fence with a good paint color, and also greatly affect the beauty of the environment.

3. Cleaning tools
Tools such as desks, chairs, typewriters and cabinets in the room should always be clean and orderly. Places of incoming mail and outgoing letters should be located on the table to make it easier to pick them up when needed.

Also provided places of cigarette ash for those who smoke, for the cleanliness of the floor. Also provided a trash can for papers are not scattered everywhere. Work should be systematic so that all work is not piled up.