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Ways To Thoroughly Clean Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Over time blinds will collect dust, stains, spills, splatters, and insect debris. The window blinds, as well as pull strings over time, get discolored. With time the common cleaning procedures like dusting and window cleaning can contribute to discoloring blinds. Cleaning different blinds without taking them down can be quite challenging when you have not mastered the tricks that work. But you can efficiently clean window and door blinds without taking them down which ensure that your house is always covered.

If you have a single set of blinds,it means you will have to leave your windows and doors uncovered when you take them down to wash and wait for them to dry. Therefore it is important to learn the steps needed for cleaning different blinds without taking them down. The steps below are valuable for cleaning different blinds without taking them down.

The first step is to open the window blinds and let them flow down all the way. After opening it, you can pull the bottom out from the windowsill and letting it fall for the exposure of all the slats. Remember even the bottom window blinds that are rarely opened also get dirty. After letting the open the blinds, you have to ensure they do not touch each other by putting them in a horizontal position.

The second step to cleaning different blinds without taking them down is to use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly remove all the dust from the slats. You might find it necessary to utilize a hose with a brush attached to it so that you can vacuum all the possible dust from the top and bottom sides of the window slats.

Step three to cleaning different blinds without taking them down is to add antibacterial soap to warm water in a bucket. After that soak a clean cloth in the soapy warm water and remove the excess moisture by wrenching it. The dampened cloth is then pinched around the slat and slid from one end to another through the support strings. Whenever the cloth becomes soiled as you slide it, dip it in the warm soapy water and continue. Ensure that every window slat is effectively cleaned together with the top and bottom bars.

You have to clean the blind pull strings as the last step towards cleaning the blinds without taking them down. You dip a clean cloth in warm water and put some ounce of bleach on it and use it to clean as well as for restoration of the original color of the pull strings.