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The Key to a More Joyful Confident Life

We live in a world of constant competition and pressure from every side of our lives. We have a propensity to get lost in chasing wealth and keeping up with current trends that will rarely have time to sit back and relax. We go from one job to another seeking better pay and satisfaction that very few of us can actually attest to. There are bills to pay, children to take care of, a boss to please and the society at large which is always putting pressure in one way or another. And so our lives become a vicious cycle of seeking money and spending it and then looking for some more to also spend it. So what is the key to a more joyful life? How does one draw satisfaction and joy from the simplest of things in life? How do you break the cycle of constant worry and depressing times that seem unavoidable? Maybe the person who came up with yoga and meditation sessions had an idea of what to do in order to live a more joyful life. The key to living a more joyful life is something that you have probably heard over and over again but one that you are very quick to dismiss. You probably even read something about it but then never gave it a second thought.

Let’s get straight to the point. If you really desire to live a more joyful life then it is important to learn to have a grateful heart. Ever heard of the phrase ‘count your blessings’? You’d be surprised to realize how much you have accomplished if you ever took time to slow down and reflect. Every tiny detail of your life adds up to great moments and if you never take time to just thank God for those tiny details then when the big moments come, you are too exhausted and worn out to celebrate properly. In fact, you probably get back to looking forward to the next great thing you want to do without even stopping to celebrate the one that you just accomplished. It brings such joy to just count every tiny blessing and realize just how much you have to be grateful for. Maybe, you enrolled in a gym class looking to be in better shape and maybe lose a few pounds. Appreciating every quarter pound you lose may be the only motivation you need to keep going.

Moreover, other than having a grateful attitude, you could also leave a more fulfilling and joyful life by just taking a break and resting. Life can be busy and there’s no denying that but if you never take a day off to just rest and unwind, then everyday life becomes a burden. Trust me, your body and mind will thank you for the time you take off to recuperate. It also takes you away from the daily worries and constant work pressure so that you realize it’s never that serious. Your rest is as important as your work.

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