The Beauty is in the Design

With the variety of shutters to choose from today, it may be wise to stick with an old school style. Window shutters date back to, you guessed it, the era of plantations and farming in the United States. They have become a tried and true accessory to many windows. With their sturdy design, temperature regulating qualities, and privacy aiding qualities without deminishing your ability to see your property, it’s no wonder they have lasted through the ages.

Plantation shutters are still incredibly useful for people living in warmer climates. They have wide louvers, which allows for them to be opened up for maximum airflow without as many slats being in the way. These wide slats also allows for the homeowner to easily view their surroundings just by opening them. Since it is expected that the homeowners would use the shutters frequently, they have a sturdy design on the interior of your windows. This makes them incredibly easy to use because you won’t have to reach to the exterior of the windows to get to them. Their desgin makes them very useful in homes with large windows, like the ones found on plantation homes in the Southern United States. Exterior shutters would have to be too large to make the feasable for every day use. The adjustable angle of the slats allow the homwowner to adjust exactly how much light they are letting in.

These shutters are beautiful and give a classic feel to any home. Their design is economically sound with it’s ability to control light, air flow, and privacy while remaining sturdy and easy to access and use. It is a wonderful choice, even above those wanting to use tradition ahutters. They’re sturdy, good for large windows, easy to clean, or even repaint. It’s hard to deny the beauty of a design that is as tried and true as that of plantation shutters.