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Camping Tips to People Who Are Not into Camping

To people who are not into camping, here are camping tips that are practical, helpful, and challenging, to make them change their perspective about camping so that once they try to take a chance, they will find their camping trip a pleasurable experience which will be part of their memorable experiences in their life.

Have an open mind on camping

Changing their perspective on camping is a challenge thrown to first-time campers or those who are not into camping, such that if they accept the challenge, it will be the first, positive step towards being open-minded about it and be adventuresome, just to experience new things, make new friends, and go out of the comfort zone to learn how to survive, appreciate the resources of nature, and see the reality of oneself through all the camping experiences and all these will provide them a new meaning of what camping is.

Smart ways to sleep well during camping

You can come up with smart ways to still have a good night’s sleep during camping and here are the following tips: upgrade your bedding by choosing comfortable camping beds which are available on the market; pitch your tent on a flat ground surface or look for a spot with few rocks and on softer ground with more grasses or remove large rocks from your tent pad; bring herbal tea, like chamomile to help relax your mind and body; check your tent for holes on the entry screen and patch them up, so mosquitoes do not enter and bother you during sleep time and use lavender lotion on your arms and legs to keep the bugs away.

An appropriate tent size

To ensure for an enjoyable camping trip that is not cramped, hot and uncomfortable is to buy the right tent size following these tips: take time to visit a camping shop and try to go inside the tent display to check on its space and size for a specific number of occupants for them to be comfortable inside the tent; check if the tent consists of a double wall in order to get enough ventilation and air circulation with either a partial or full mesh exterior and separate rain fly for weather protection; buy quality tent so it can last longer and do not easily leak and break.

Fun camping activities

Camping should never be a boring trip and should be loaded with lots of enjoyable activities, so here are suggested activities according to categories: camping at a forest – bird/animal watching, collecting fireflies or bugs in a jar, nature gathering (firewood, rocks, wildflowers, leaves, pine cones), picking wild berries, scavenger hunt, geocaching; camping at the seashore – build a sand castle, fish, swim, float or lounge, boat or canoeing or kayaking, water skiing, dive, snorkelling; camping night activities – card games, board games, charade game, stargazing.

Delicious camping meals

Tasty meals, during camping, will complete an enjoyable and memorable camp-out experience and, therefore, bring just the right cooking equipment and ingredients to dish out a brilliant meal for everyone.