Commercial and Residential Painters

Professional painters NYC area are in high demand because experienced and reputable ones must be licensed, insured, bonded, provide liability and property damage insurance coverage, are screened for the customers’ protection, are certified by the EPA, have high-quality skills, and have the proper training and certifications.

When you want to enhance the appearance of your home or business, or make your office more enjoyable, or freshen and brighten up an apartment before new tenants move in, or change the color of the walls to give a new revitalization to the premises, you can rely on a team that satisfactorily provides that type of an excellent service. Attention is given to helping the owner or manager achieve the particular requirements and desires of each individual job, no matter how large or how small.

Advice is also offered as to the choice of colors, quality, and brands of the exterior and interior paint used. Samples or small containers of paint can be suggested for you to try out before buying the larger quantities.

Remember that if you are considering a dark color for the exterior, those absorb heat and tend to fade faster than lighter colors, especially the areas in direct sunlight. You might want to choose muted colors rather than bright ones that would have too high an impact and can fade quicker than less vibrant ones. Also be aware that if you want to change an existing dark color to a lighter one, it will require the additional application of a primer coat for the new color to take effect, and that will require more labor and materials and cost more money.

For interior paint, choose a quality brand that seals previously painted surfaces or uncoated ones and resists mildew, moisture, stains, can be scrubbed, and has low chemical emissions.

Tidy Up NYC has a variety of customers including homeowners, property management companies, business owners, brokers, government offices, Wall Street offices, foreign embassies, and more. In addition to general contracting, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning, they offer top-notch painting, all at affordable prices.

Their helpful staff would be happy to give you more details, answer your questions, guide you to accomplish your needs, and explain their quality control programs with on-site inspections and customer surveys.